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Pintle Attachment - BulletProof Hitches

Precision made in-house with USA Steel on our CNC machines.

Loop Attachment (Lunette Ring)

The lunette ring/loop is designed to be used with any of our hitches.

2-Tang Clevis with 1" Pin - BulletProof Hitches

The BulletProof hitches clevis attachment features a 1" pin and a 2-1/2" opening which allows connection to a lunette ring or a farm-style draw bar. This will allow you to tow farming equipment, pintle trailers, even chains and straps!

Hitch Step Attachment

Getting into the bed of your truck can be a chore, whether your truck is stock or lifted to the sky. With our step attachment reaching into the bed of your truck can be much easier and safer than trying to stand a greasy ball or bumper.

BulletProof Hitches - Extreme Duty Shackle Attachment

BulletProof Hitches manufactures solid steel trailer hitches and accessories.

Weight Distribution Adapter

This solid steel adapter allows you to attach a weight distribution/sway control head to a BulletProof Hitch.

Using Your Hitch in the Rise Position

BulletProof Hitches are usually used in the drop position, however we get a lot of questions asking whether or not they can use our hitches in the rise position.

Hitch Locking Pins and How it Works!

The BulletProof Locking Pin is Extremely Easy to remove. Simply insert the key, rotate it 90 degrees and remove the barrel. then slide out the pin.